Rescue dry, damaged hair, robbed of essential moisture with Crema’s humectant and protein rich formulas. Leaves hair nourished and rejuvenated with strength, elasticity and shine.


Gently cleanses and restores manageability and shine leaving hair naturally healthy looking. Aloe Vera Gel and Royal Jelly added for strength, elasticity and color retention. 



Used like a conditioner, its effects are so immediate and so exceptional, we had to call it a treatment. Delivers exceptional tangle-free manageability, silken softness and sheen. The secret weapon against split ends, dull and lifeless hair. 


Instant repair for hair damaged by heat or chemical treatments. Whole wheat protein bonds permanently and restores strength and beauty. Unique colour-safe formula penetrates without the need for heat and self-seals without additional conditioners. Use weekly or as needed.

The Science Behind the Beauty

Unlike many conditioning treatments, Crema Moisture Treatment and Crema Intensive Reconstructor are water-based and will not adversely affect or alter any chemical treatments. Their unique formulation gives them an initially alkaline pH, allowing opening of the cuticle and penetration into the cortex. While the hair is drying, the formula neutralizes itself to a normal pH. The now more acidic composition closes the cuticle, locking-in emollients.